Uniform men dating site

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Uniform men dating site

Smitten kittens, I'm currently chilling in beautiful Norfolk, Virginia where my older brother is serving in the Navy. Fact: a dude rocking a uniform looks immensely hotter than he would if he were wearing plain clothes.

Today, the crew of his ship has invited loved ones out for a Family Day Cruise. Seeing all of these uniformed sailors (save for my brother, of course! Firefighters, law enforcement officers, military personnel, even lifeguards wearing county-issued board shorts seem to exude this extra hot factor when they're suited in their official attire. Often men in uniform must abide by certain grooming standards (close shaves or neatly-trimmed hair) and the creases of their starched clothing are far more impressive than anything my ironing skills could conjure up.

There are many different types of people in this world, but few match the bravery and the ability to inspire others than men and women in uniform do.

Think about it for a second, every day of their lives these people make sacrifices so that that the rest of the members of our society can enjoy the freedoms that we take for granted – that definitely sounds like someone most of us would love to date and potentially create a lasting relationship with.

Firemen wearing heavy black bunker gear in big red trucks—even recent footage of Navy Seal Team 6 propelling from helicopters in Pakistan has an effect.

With a focus on hooking up heroes, Uniform brings together men and women in uniform as well as those who admire them.

__So then, is it the sense of duty that a uniform represents?

Darlings, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

When asked why these men are enticing, some quip it's the clothes (who wouldn't want a modern-day Superman?

), while others find deeper meaning, reasoning it's the integrity and courage they possess that transfer to the household.

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A city cop, who goes by “Officer Hassan,” tells women in the first sentence of his OKCupid profile, “I’m 28 year-old police officer.” He posts a photo of himself wearing a Brooklyn Nets Jersey and tells girls they should message him if they’re drama-free.