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I felt guilty—I hated myself for being so complicated.

I knew he wanted to make love and he needed me, but I just couldn't respond in that moment.

They are the marks of carefully guarded relationships with people and with God.

Submission without purity and reverence has no potency, but when someone is the recipient of your humble submission and realizes that it springs not from his or her power over you but from your relationship with God, the person is changed by the experience.

Finally the tension became too much, and Dennis grabbed a bottle of hand lotion on the side of the bed and threw it across the room. I loved my husband and didn't want to hurt him.

but what does love really mean, or should we say, what is love?

So how did we resolve our differing needs on that perfect night for love in Mazatlan? Dennis was frustrated over his inability to love me enough to make me forget my fears.

The secret of a Christian wife’s submission is found in three phrases.

The first is in verse 1: “in the same way.” It refers back to the Christlike submission described in the previous verses (–24).

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I am a strong believer in daily devotions for engaged couples.

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