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Charlie sheen and heather locklear dating

Season 6, Episode 18April 9, 2002A flashback to Caitlin and Charlie's college days, and his interference with her relationship, gives Caitlin doubt about her current beau.

Season 6, Episode 17March 26, 2002A big night on the town takes a toll on Charlie, club-hopping with a hip, young date; and on Carter, partying at a gay men's fund-raiser.

Carter only invited the receiver of the mayor's hated late bossy mother's heart to meet him, but Randall dates her before anyone can explain.

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora sure know how to paint a beautiful picture of what most would hope divorce could look like.

Romantic feelings intensify between Charlie and Caitlin; the efficiency of a new staffer (Pat Kilbane) riles Paul and Carter.

Romantic issues propel Caitlin into therapy; a political issue flusters Paul in the hot seat on a radio talk show hosted by provocative Larry Elder (who plays himself).

Season 6, Episode 15March 12, 2002The Mayor's flirtatious niece (Amy Jo Johnson) eyes Charlie, who's caught in a compromising situation; Paul's lined up for TV's “Blind Date.” Host Roger Lodge plays himself. Season 6, Episode 13January 8, 2002Romantic entanglements perplex the Mayor and Charlie, who's now dating the daughter of a charmer (Perry King) who's dating Caitlin. This latest take on her earlier hit show failed to develop a following, however, and was canceled after one season.Since then, Locklear has undertaken a few roles, including a part in the sitcom pilot Locklear's seven-year marriage to heavy-metal drummer Tommy Lee ended in divorce in August 1993.After 13 weeks, Locklear was written out of the show, but was quickly offered a part on Spelling's other project, . Fox—and, later, Charlie Sheen—Locklear boosted the show's ratings and demonstrated her versatility as an actress.In 2003, she signed on to star in her own NBC sitcom, .

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Although the 52-year-old actress has most recently been linked to Marc Mani, a 44-year-old plastic surgeon, it doesn't seem to stop her from traveling with her ex.

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